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Marian: Gazprom’s threats began when the government changed

The minutes of the negotiations with Gazprom very clearly state that Moldova is taking over the organization of the independent audit.

Gazprom’s dissatisfaction is strange and is another proof of an unfriendly attitude towards Moldova and its citizens. This was stated by PAS MP Radu Marian in a broadcast on TVRMoldova .

The MP also reminded about the threats of stopping gas supplies by “Gazprom” to the Republic of Moldova.


“These threats started when the government changed. The provision on advance payment has always existed, but it was not applied. The Republic of Moldova has always fulfilled its financial obligations and allowed deviations in payment. This is not happening now,” he said.

Radu Marian believes that a company that considers itself international and is listed on stock exchanges should not treat its client differently, even if a non-East-oriented government has changed.

“I am convinced that there are lawyers in Gazprom who perfectly understand what is written in this protocol. There are two checks to be made. This is an audit of the Accounts Chamber, an audit of investments and expenses of Moldovagaz in recent years. This is an independent audit of the Republic of Moldova, not related to this protocol. This debt audit has been agreed upon in this protocol and will be conducted by an international company to ensure impartiality. I don’t think there should be concerns in Gazprom, because it is in everyone’s interests,” said Radu Marian.

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